Kitchen Equipment

commercial kitchen

Space is always a concern when it come to the food industry as there is a large amount of different types of equipment needed and fitting it all in can be a challenge.

Picking out the right equipment for your location is very important and maximizing the hood space and kitchen space.

There are pieces of equipment that can help maximize the space you have to work with.

A chef base cooler is a great example of this.

You can store your refrigerated food in a low profile Chef Base which sits under the hood system with your table top griddles, broilers, hot plates etc. A chef base replaces a standard equipment stand and uses that space much more effectively.

Depending on how strict your inspectors are and as long as you have a powerful enough fan other options for maximizing your hood space is to have you convection oven outside of the hood with the exhaust piped in underneath the hood.

This effectively allows you to have more cooking equipment underneath your hood.

Using under counter coolers or freezers as work tops also increases your refrigerated space and more effectively uses the space that a standard work table would use.

One machine that is extremely useful is a combi oven.

A wide range of food can be cooked in these oven. With even different meals being cooked at the same time.

It is a convection oven, a steamer and a combination of both. They are incredibly useful and free up space as it is multiple machines in one. Although the price tag may scare some people it is well worth it.


When choosing your commercial kitchen equipment be very careful about power and gas specifications.

Make sure you can actually install and use the equipment in your location.

It is all too often that an aspiring restaurant owner purchases a piece of equipment they can’t use and then are stuck with it.

Talk to your trades people and the sales representatives to learn more about available power and the power requirement the machines need.