Choosing a Location

Choosing the right location for your food service business is extremely important. It is very common when a location like a restaurant closes down that they leave a lot of equipment behind.

restaurant location

When looking at locations make sure to ask questions about what is going to be left there when you move in. At times removing a hood system from a location is a waste of time and money since the re-sell value is very little.

If you can find a location with an existing hood system of similar size to your needs this can save you a very large amount of money. Although the fire suppression system may have to be adjusted, it is not a large job and can be done for relatively cheap.

Although most people will sell off they’re equipment before they leave, every so often they will leave walk-in coolers and freezers. These are great assets to a restaurant! Other common things left behind when a location is changing hands are sinks and tables, maybe some refrigeration. Take notice of these things to see if they suits your needs.

If the location you are interested in does not have a hood system, consult with an expert and take notice of the surrounding business. Depending on the units next you and above you may have problems with installation.

Once you have chosen a location your next step will be choose best available food equipment for your kitchen.